Entirely created with the help of Oceanopolis Brest in a collaborative work with renowned scientific institutes throughout the world, the « of Oceans and Men» exhibition presents the public with the natural history of oceans and  the evolution of scientific knowledge pertaining to it. It caters to a very wide public, including families wishing to better understand biodiversity and to raise young people’s awareness of the urgency to protect it.

This exhibition where environment, science and culture meets is due to travel in France and around the Mediterranean Basin then around the world starting in 2014 and for the 6 next years.

Interview Anne Medard-Blondel, conservatrice du Museum d'histoire naturelle de Marseille

Interview Anne Medard-Blondel, conservatrice du Museum d’histoire naturelle de Marseille

Pascale Janny, Director of the Sea & Costal Department of the City of Marseille